The next article is entitled, “The Phantom of the Race: The Myth of Race and Reality of Racism” the author is Dr. Charles Quist-Adade the premise of this article is to illustrate that in terms of the scientific definition of race, they really isn’t any difference between humans, despite that, the problem of racism is real and ever prevalent in today’s society. The article then goes into talking how educators and instructors, especially those of young children, should go about trying to curb racism in society at that level. I didn’t actually agree with the position that this article took because I am not a fan of the humanistic view of society, I don’t think that people are naturally good at heart and because of that I don’t believe it’s possible to simply educate people in a certain way and that will be the end of racism in the world. I hope that the various methods illustrated in this article will be implemented however, and that they will erase the large pockets of racism. I do not, however, believe that racism in the world can ever truly be erased for good because humans as a species, not a “race,” are very unaccepting of others due to any differences, whether that is appearance or social. Humans are very simplistic creatures, we like the familiar and that can mean the same types of people as well, in this day and age one would certainly hope that people would be more unified than this, and maybe in the future they will be, but at this point in time we certainly aren’t.